Kennel Lejonhjärta



Breeder Of Leonberger Dobermann & Miniature Pinsher


A - Litter born 2010 - 07 -06

8 Boys And 2 girls

All with excellent mentality and excellent show-results so far 6 CAC and 9 R - CAC



B-Litter born 2014-06-02

6 boys 2 girls

So far 5 tested with excellent mentality


C- Litter born 2015-08-29

5 boys 1 girl


Lejonhjärta Aither as a puppy

A - Litter minipinscher born 2014-03-20


2 boys and 1 girl



If you are interested in a puppy from us, please write an e-mail or call us for more information.


We would like to know as much as possible about you and your family.

So we can be able to match the right puppy for your needs. We are always there to support and help you with your dog, for the rest of it's life.

B-litter minipinscher born 2016-08-08


1 boy and 3 girls


Skk's Breeder education

Swedish Breeder Education ( David Selin )



We are active members of :

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