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Breeder Of Leonberger Dobermann & Miniature Pinsher

The Lion's From The North

We have mated our minipinscher Ninja with Camali´s High and Hope aka Beckham. Now we´re hoping for puppies in August.

The puppies were born on August 8.

Three females and one male.

All were black and tan.


Puppies born after Lejonhjärta Aither at Knattebergas Kennel 2014

and in Germany at kennel v Löwengarten 2015


Lejonhjärta Auregia qualified for Cruft´s 2014


J'adore Gucci

Qualified for Cruft´s 2014 & 2015


IDC Judgend Segrin 2013 J'adore Gucci

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