Kennel Lejonhjärta



Breeder Of Leonberger Dobermann & Miniature Pinsher

The Lion's From The North

We have mated our minipinscher Ninja with

Earthquake Z Klanu Lobuzow aka Rio.

The puppies were born on the 28 of September 2017

1 male and 3 bitches

All black and tan



Puppies born after Lejonhjärta Aither at Knattebergas Kennel 2014

and in Germany at kennel v Löwengarten 2015


Lejonhjärta Auregia qualified for Cruft´s 2014


J'adore Gucci

Qualified for Cruft´s 2014 & 2015


IDC Judgend Segrin 2013 J'adore Gucci

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